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“HOPE HIGH, Class of 84” SYNOPSIS: It’s the 80’s. There’s an urban high school in desperate need of some tender love and care. The building itself is falling to pieces while the students in it try to sort out their own. Social groups grow while others break apart. A pro-black poet believes he has found the love of his life, a cheerleader makes a new friend, a fashionably challenged honor student changes her check list, an interracial couple plays dominos, a mentally unstable janitor hits a breaking point, and the popular diner owner tries to keep the community together. A music and dance infused production, HOPE HIGH Class of 84’ will surely transport you to a time where the small things mattered and a hope can be realized. Written & Directed by Sharece M. Sellem. To debut May of 2013.



Bregamos Community Theater is in the process of forming its first teenage theater group. Fifteen performing teenagers will be selected to receive theater training, trips, and each will have a role in HOPE HIGH Class of 84’ to debut in May 2013.

OPEN AUDITIONS: Ages 12-ADULT encouraged to auditions! -for residents of New Haven CT and surrounding areas

Monday and Wednesday, OCTOBER 29th and 31st 5-7pm and Saturday, NOVEMBER 3, 2012 11-4pm

Auditions will be held at BREGAMOS COMMUNITY THEATER  491 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT06515                                               

REQUIREMENTS: Must be available on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS for rehearsals, the desire and commitment to perform more than one performing art form (singing, dancing, acting, acting, etc.).


(WE) = Teenagers selected to become THE WAREHOUSE ENSEMBLE

JAQI – (WE)  Female Protagonist. A sophomore student. Anal, determined, yet somewhat dillusional honor roll student. Somewhat fashionably challenged. Spends her afternoon maintaining a daily checklist. Her mission during this time is to win J.J Fad-New Edition concert tickets.

KELLY – (WE) Female.  Jaqi’s only highshool friend. A sophmore student. A follower who is easy to entertain and sway.

WISDOM WARRIOR – (WE) Male Protagonist. A junior student. Passionate leader of self-organized group, “THE LOTS”-Leaders of the Sun. A misguided poet.

MOTHA EARTH – (WE) Female. A junior student. A member of THE LOTS. Highly hot tempered and motivated about the group’s mission.

MOON GODDESS – (WE) Female. A junior student. A member of THE LOTS. Somewhat sassy and spirited. Easily lead.

JAZZMINE (ZAIRE) – (WE) Female. A chameleon character who finds her way in different social groups for the purpose of getting with a guy in the group. Somewhat of an air head, she does her best to fit what they want, then leaves them for the next group in sight.

TACO – (WE) Male. Fun, money, and woman loving junior who is easily picked on by his friends THE BEAVERS and THE BELLES. Was nicknamed “Taco” because his large family shares a small apartment. He is one of the bread-winners at home. Loves his job as the delivery boy at UNCLE KANG’S Diner.

JEFFERY – (WE) Male Antagonist. A junior student. THE BEAVER’S star basketball and football player. His only concern is to play sports and make out with his girlfriend. Insensitive. Roxanne’s current boyfriend.

ROXANNE – (WE) Female Protagonist. A sophomore student and cheerleader choreographer. Sweet and genuine. Enjoys true friendships and has a high level of compassion and enthusiasm.

JESSICA (BELLES) – (WE) Female Antagonist. Roxanne’s current best-friend. A bully and diva. Her only mission in life is to get over on others and to take advantage of those presumed as weak.

ROBIN (BELLES) – Female. A sophmore student. A quiet following member of the BELLES. Easily lead.

TRON (BEAVER CREW)-Male. A junior student. A BEAVERS basketball and football player. Not much to his personality. Easily lead. Dates Jessica briefly.

BEN (BEAVER CREW)- Male. A junior student. A BEAVERS basketball and football player. Not much to his personality. Easily lead. Dates Robin briefly.

SYLVIA – (WE) Female Protagonist. Fair-skinned new waitress at UNCLE KANG’S Diner. Independent and strong willed. Recently moved back to Cedar City help take care of her ill father. Her mother abandoned the family due to the stress of his illness, leaving Sylvia to work out getting her GED in evenings.

D-ROC – (WE) Male. Aspires to be a plumber. His current source of income comes from selling drugs. He dropped out of school his junior year and frequents UNCLE KANG’S Diner.

UNCLE KANG – Male Protagonist. Older gentleman from who grew up in the city. Has a strong sense of community, family and support. A very frugal yet hip man who wears his favorite Kangol hats every day. His mission in life is to live a life of service and smiles.

COOK – Male. Sarcastic yet hard working cook at UNCLE KANG’S Diner. Supports all of Uncle Kang’s ideas and decisions.

JANITOR – (WE) Female. Mentally unstable older woman. Spends hours holding conversations with a rodent she named, Buddy at the school.

BUSINESS WOMAN 1 (HOPE): Female. Dry personality. A running political official for the city. High powered and cold.

BUSINESS WOMAN 2: Female. The advisor and assistant for Hope. Strategies her next best moves during this time as a recent mistake may be affecting her vote.

PATRON 1 – Male or female between 40-80 years old. Sylvia’s regular customer.

PATRON 2 – Male or female between 40-80 years old. A regular at UNCLE KANG’S. (speaks)

PATRON 3 – Male or female between 40-80 years old. A regular at UNCLE KANG’S. (speaks)

USER – Male or female 20-60 years old. Buys drugs from D-Roc.

DJ ROB – (WE) Male. Recent highschool graduate. Radio DJ who influences JAQI’s chance of winning tickets. Fun air personality and serious romantic off air personality.

BEAT 91.1 ANNOUNCER – Male or female. Big radio voice. Promotes the New Edition J.J Fad tickets on the air.

AUNTIE SWEET – Female. Late 20’s-50’s. An aspiring fashion designer who comes to stay with Jaqi’s family for a while. Adores her niece Jaqi and talks to her as if she’s still 5 years old.

KOFFE COBRA KUFFI – (WE) Male. Late 20’s-70’s A dillusional poet and street hustler. The LOTS look to him as God. Always seeks opportunities to sell his grapeseed-lion’s tooth-elephant ivory tusk-shae butter, insisting that it is a remedy that ironically works for any ailment or issue.

STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBER –  Male or female. A monotone representative of the Cedar City High Student Council. Robotic personality.

CALLER – Female. A hyper happy winner of the J.j. Fad-New Edition tickets.

COP – Male or female. Questions D-Rocs actions the day UNCLE KANG’s was robbed. Persistent and unyielding.


2 thoughts on “AUDITIONS!

  1. Nichole says:

    Hi my name is Nichole
    I am a friend of Joy , she informed me about an audition coming up this Saturday. I was hoping You can forward the “sides” to me. I would like to pick a character and be as prepared as possible. Will I be expected to do a monologue? or will the sides provided be my audition material? From the little I read about ur production of “hope high” I think it’s a great concept and is a production I’d like to be a part of. Please lmk as soon as possible , I’d like to begin preparation. Thank you
    Nichole Jimenez

  2. Nichole says:

    Not sure if my email is visible to you
    Thanks again

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