The Warehouse Ensemble starts 2013 Off Right!

"The Belles" practice their cheers at Cedar City High on Stage #1

The Belles practice their cheers at Cedar City High on Stage #1

Happy New Year! Since the Warehouse Ensemble started this past October, we’ve had a few minor lows but a ton of amazing highs! Our talented youth cast is improving by the day and since our adult cast started joining us at rehearsals at the beginning of January, they haven’t missed a beat.

On Monday, February 4th, we kicked off the month with a really productive rehearsal. The Ensemble is gaining so much confidence as we go along and I’ve seen some of our cast go from nervous and fidgety to confident and comfortable in just a few short weeks. I’m grateful for all the time that our cast has together to build and learn. Our director, Sharece, has so much to teach these teens that will stay with them throughout the rest of their acting careers and even off stage.

"Jaqi" runs through her checklist on Stage #2

Jaqi runs through her checklist in her bedroom on Stage #2

One of the benefits to rehearsing in a real theater like Bregamos is that the space can be whatever we want. We usually rehearse on one stage in the front of the theater, which works just fine, but requires a lot of maneuvering and imagination after a while. When we arrived at February 4th’s rehearsal, the space was still set up from a previous event held at Bregamos over the weekend. That particular day, there were three stages set up which was perfect since there are three basic scenes we’ll use in the play that will take up the entire stage. The cast really liked it because it gave us all a chance to visualize what this will be like when we’re performing at the theater in May.

D-Roc and Sylvia chat it up in Uncle Kang's Diner

D-Roc and Sylvia chat it up in Uncle Kang’s Diner on Stage #3

We set up some props to work around in the scenes and I noticed our actors really starting to come alive once they saw our set take shape. Afterwards, we were all in agreement that we’d like to keep that set up for the future!

After our main rehearsal, we had some extra rehearsal time with three of our newest cast members playing Cook, D-Roc and Taco along with Bregamos Theater Director Rafael Ramos as Uncle Kang. Their excitement to rehearse was contagious and I think by the end of this thing we’re all going to be saying, “let’s do it again!” like those four kept saying last week!

The following week brought the powerful blizzard that pretty much shut down the state. We ended up missing both of the rehearsals for the second week of the moth. But we dove back in head first on Monday, the 18th rested and ready, a great start as we begin the second half of our journey! The excitement continues!


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