Dir. Sharece M. Sellem:

The show is over, but the story isn’t. This first year of the Warehouse Ensemble really proved to be a great experience for all involved. There was a full house each night. The cast including the adults were prepared and charged, ready to go. We’ve grown together as a performing family and expressed our feelings at the cast party. One cast member, Julio Patron, played a minor role in the production shared where he was before participating with the group. He said, “Before joining the Warehouse, I was beginning to feel like everyone around me was selfish and that the world was just a hateful place. Now I feel like I’ve made real friends here. We go to church together. The rehearsals were like a place I could go to be myself.” This youths’ words sank into our hearts and at that moment we realized what we have done. We’ve accomplished everything we wanted with our program. We’ve created a sense of community, a village, so to speak, to help prepare these kids. Though the show is over, we are excited to move forward producing part two of the Hope High series…“HOPE HIGH, Class of 84: The Test.” 

Some of the fun moments were receiving note cards from audience members. People shared their honest feedback which was mostly positive. So many were surprised to discover that most of the cast had little to no previous theater experience. The DVD, filmed and edited by Bill Elias of WE Video did a great job (please email us if you’d like to purchase a copy $12 ea.). Pat Boozer and her crew took care of the front making sure we had snacks, souvenirs, and DVD available for the audience to purchase. The Long Wharf team made the magic happen.

I personally couldn’t ask for a better team, cast, and theater to be a part of. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to share my vision for this play with. GO BEAVERS!



Agape Cogswell, Alex Rivera, Allen Thomas Jr., Alix Gouborn, Ali Robbins, Angelica Rodriguez, Anastasia Marinatos, Bianca James, Brigitte Cogswell, Que Payne, Richard Cogswell, Destiny Cogswell, Danka Henriquez, Chinequa Bailey, Diamond Jackson, JaQuann Brantley, Julio Patron, Luis Rivera, Madelyn Wright, Nielsen Filipe, Shannon Mykins, Chris Franci, Chelsea Gonzalez, Tianna Glass, and Rafael Ramos!


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